Fluoropolymer applications

Antigraffiti Providing a permanent treatment with easy removal of graffiti, strong UV and weather resistance without any damage to the underlying stone surface.
Stone, tile and concreate water & oil repellence Durable protection from stains, superior oil and water repellence, no change to the natural surface appearance, non-film forming, easy to clean and maintain, preserving the beauty of stone, tile marble, concrete, masonry, etc
Textile water & oil repellence Superior oil and water repellent with high durability, preserving the quality, handle and the appearance of textiles.
Textile fluorine free water repellence Maflon Hydrosin is a specialty products, non-fluorinated with durable water repellent and easy to clean for fabrics.
Leather & carpet water & oil repellence Providing a durable, invisible barrier to water, oil, dirt and stains for industrial and consumer application.
Waterproof outdoor
Hexafor 6280
Hexafor 6284
Hexafor L-109
Clearcoat very good leveling and anti-crater, no recoatability problem.
Glass water repellents Hexafor S-64Special product that contain a mixture of silica and Fluorine with an astonishing long lasting life, gives a perfect water beading and repel all the kind of organic polluted agents that affect every glass surface.
HEXAFOR S-64 tds it tds en
Building construction Improved protection against air pollution, water, grease spots, soiling. Enhancing the surface durability, preventing freeze-thaw damage.
Wood protection
Hexafor W624
Hexafor 6232
Hexafor 6280
Hexafor 6284
Improved the durability and the longevity by reducing moisture absorption or oil contamination with no change of natural appearance.
Conformal coating Hexafor DP-100 is powder Fluoropolymer can be diluted in fluorinated solvent create oil and water repellent in conformal coating of PCB and printed circuits. Improve anti-stiction, anti-migration and moisture protection ( curing at room temperature).
Hexafor DP-100 tds it tds en
Crosslinkers Hydrosin Formaldehyde-free Cross-linking agents which are used for many coatings  Applications include improved durability of DWR and soil release finishes for textiles. Improved durability and adhesion of coatings.

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